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The Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) was established under Presidential Circular No. 1 of 2001 with reference number SHC/C1180/1. The Presidential Circular provides for objectives, functions, structure, and procedural Guidelines stated herein below.

To be a center of excellence in managing business environment for sustaining economic growth through competitive dialogues, consensus building and networking between public and private sector in Tanzania.

Promoting a healthy, robust and inclusive market economy through prudent policies, efficient legislation and enforcement mechanisms that guarantee conducive business environment for private sector development.


1. To provide a forum for public private sector dialogue with a view to reaching consensus and mutual understanding of strategic issues relating to the efficient management of development resources;

2. To promote the goals of economic growth with social equity and even development; 

3. To review from time to time developments in the external and domestic business environment, the challenges they pose to Tanzania and propose a course of action;

4. To exchange views on the prevailing operating and regulatory environment and propose ways to facilitate the public service to improve on service delivery and make civil services business friendly;

5. To review and propose changes in the policy environment to enhance the attractiveness of Tanzania products in the world market;

6. To encourage and promote the formulation of the coordinated policies on social and economic matters including the consideration of the existing and proposed economic legislation and recommendations through the Government to Parliament or other appropriate bodies; and .

7. To consider any other matter deemed relevant to the achievement of the above objectives.


In pursuit of the above objectives, the TNBC shall:-

(I) Cause to be conducted such research or survey or study any aspect of social economic development policy as it may deem fit;

(II) Review specific research reports of policy proposals submitted to TNBC by any of the consultative bodies. It may also call for and consider any such reports deems necessary to provide a clearer picture of affairs before it;

(III) Set targets as well as performance benchmarks for implementing decisions or agreements reached, including assignment of responsibilities; and,

(IV) Monitor and evaluate implementation of policies and measures agreed upon as to their effectiveness and outcomes.  


The work of TNBC is conducted through the following organs:-

(a) The Council – Supreme Organ chaired by the President of The United  Republic of Tanzania. 

(b) Executive Committee– Co-chaired by the Chief Secretary and Chairperson of the umbrella Private Sector Association

(c) Working Committees– Chaired by the respective authorities including H.E. (Investors Round Table); Minister (Ministerial Dialogue), Permanent Secretary (Working Group), Regional Commissioner (Regional Business Council), and District Commissioner (District Business Council).    

(d) Coordinating Secretariat– Head by Executive Secretary as Ex-Officio member and Secretary of the Council and its Committees. The day-to-day activities of TNBC under any entry point shall be supervised by the Executive Committee.   



 Presidential Circular


1. Dr. Godwill George Wanga  Executive Secretary
2. Oliva Vegulla Director of Finance and Administration
3. Patrick Mavika  Management Accountant
4.  Sara Masasi Human Resources Officer
5. Willy Magehema Manager, Business Environment
6. Kabenga Kaisi Business Environment Analyst
7.  Deogratius Kapinga Business Environment Analyst
8. Sailas Lowokelo ICT Officer
9. Emmanuel Alphonce Procurement Officer
10. Mwanahamisi  Mweri Asistant Business Environment Officer
11. Mwansiti Omari Office Management Assistant
12. Humphrey Mangosongo Senior Driver





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