Majadiliano Kiwizara

Majadiliano Kiwizara

Previously Ministries/Sectors have been consulting with private sector on ad hoc or temporary arrangements with little or no coordination between Ministerial and other PPDs initiatives such as Sub national PPDs and TNBC. This resulted into uncoordinated efforts in addressing business challenges.

To address the gap TNBC established and operationalized a new PPD framework which among other features introduced MPPDs in TNBC dialoguesto address the issue of dialogue coordination in Tanzania.MPPDs are chaired by respective Ministers with participants from both public and private sector representatives from the respective sectors. As a new forum, three (3) MPPDs under Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Ministry responsible for Investmenthave been facilitated and conducted under TNBC since its establishment in 2020. Nevertheless, the MPPDs held have set momentum for more Ministerial Public Private Dialogues for the coming period.

Key highlights of MPPD’s held includes emphasis in promoting ICT innovations and start-ups development in Tanzaniaand the need to review National Investment Policy.

The Ministerial Public Private Dialogues meets at least once per year, preferably before the TNBC meeting.

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